Punch DownArizona’s annual wine grape harvest and winemaking operations are well underway. The area around Willcox is the largest grape producing area in the State, in what is one of Arizona’s fastest growing industries.  Cellar 433’s Dragoon Mountain Vineyards is hosting 3 visiting assistant winemakers from Europe.  All 3 are women, unusual in the wine industry, but well skilled with wine industry experience in Europe and New Zealand.
Julie Jallais, Assistant Winemaker – France
Simona Lemmetti, Assistant Winemaker – Italy
Charikleia Mavrommati, Assistant Winemaker – Greece

The three sampled and conducted blending exercises with a diverse selection of wines at Cellar 433’s winery.  They are now participating in the harvest.  All three are amazed and enthusiastic about the quality and breadth of varietal grapes and wines grown and produced in Arizona.  We are excited to host three passionate winemakers willing to travel the world in pursuit of their careers.
Harvest will continue through September.


Active winemaking operations continue well into October.

Arizona’s wine industry continues to expand creating not only direct job growth within the industry, but building a growing wine tourism attraction drawing visitors and their dollars to Arizona.  Arizona’s industry is being recognized nationally and internationally, as evidenced by Cellar 433’s ability to attract these three European Winemakers to our State.

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