What’s Up

Riesling, Symphony, Muscat
What’s Up

Name: What’s Up

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 12.88%

Blend: Riesling, Symphony, Muscat

Description: Riesling and a less sticky, dry styled muscat

envelope Symphony and evoke seductively fragrant aromas of Seville oranges, peaches and pears. Symphony provides a palate that deftly balances sweetness and acidity for an

incredible smooth fruity white wine rich with body and


Winemaker’s Notes:  Muscat is vinted dry with the

intention of preserving its body, richness and unmistakeable nose. The result is a modest alcohol content and beautiful smoothness. Symphony can be vinted from dry to sweet and even with a touch of tart brings welcomed balance and

fluidity to blends.

Pairings:  Spicy asian dishes, white fish, pasta with lemon and garlic sauces, creamy Fourme d’Ambert or Stilton

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