Arizona Angel Wines

Wine Name: Zinfandel/Syrah

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 14.30%

Description: Rich berry, white pepper, ginger, smooth

tannins, well-balanced fruit to acidity, great for a casual wine


Winemaker’s Notes: A great blending of Old and New World styles. Syrah originated in the Middle East in the

Persian city of Shiraz. It was brought to France by the

Romans. Zinfandel’s lineage was unknown, until recently, when it was discovered through DNA testing.  It is a distant relative of the Italian Primativo, originating in Croatia (Plvac Mali).

Pairings: A great wine with food or simply by itself.

Experiment with venison or roasted beef, sauces herbed with oregano and sage, and conversations with friends gathered around a large, rustic wood kitchen table.

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