Arizona Angel Sauvignon Blanc

Arizona Angel Wines
Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Name: Sauvignon Blanc

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 12.88%

Description: Arizona sunshine glows in this spirited white wine. Graceful spring florals and zesty lemon aromas mingle in a refreshing and flavorful dance of vibrant citrus and soft lemon curd.

Winemaker’s Notes: It was the the choice of yeast that tames Sauvignon Blanc’s intensely grapefruit quality and lets us enjoy a more flavorful, mouth-filling expression of this

Pairings: Grilled lamb brochettes with lemon and dill, grilled aritchokes with creamy lemon pesto or an Arugula salad topped with goat cheese medallions.

2014 People Choice Award, Festival At the Farm

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