Bitter Creek Winery

Bitter Creek Winery

Bitter Creek Wines reflect our ability to take the unique

flavors of Willcox, Arizona varietals and evolve them into one wine that unites them for a more expressive taste!

John McLoughlin revels in asserting what each new vintage brings and he is renowned for his renegade style of

winemaking. Creating a wine for the distinguished palate can be likened to accessorizing the “little black dress”. On its own it is an icon, but the perfect accessories can make a breathtaking statement.

As resolutely as we believe in Arizona terroir, we equally

believe in supporting our local artists. Bitter Creek’s Tarot Card labels by Rick Wyckoff were selected to express the unique meaning and emotion evoked by the wine, the artist, and Tarot. Every wine in this collection is done in limited production. When a Tarot wine is gone, it will never again be produced. The card is retired and a new Tarot wine is created.

Wait. That label is not a Tarot card…

Through the Bitter Creek Winery collection our winemaker has gained notoriety with his renegade wine making style and of course, the Tarot labels. Over the last decade, the Rhone heritage has  become more prevalent through Willcox, Arizona’s distinctive terroir as the vineyard matures. Both wine-making and the Tarot are spiritual in nature, and the Theme cards endure this expression. Through the Theme cards the Rhone-style wines from Willcox continue to forge ahead on their destined path.

Available only through the Cellar 433 tasting room

in Jerome or online.


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