Fortuitous Vixen


Muscat/Sauvignon Blanc
Fortuitous Vixen

Brand: Sultry Cellars

Wine Name: Fortuitous Vixen

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 12.45%

Blend: Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc

Description: A full nose of wet Autumn leaves and butterscotch with flavors of gentle, honeyed oak and fresh cut grass.

Winemaker’s Notes:  The Arizona grown Muscat is done in a rare dry style preserving its rich body and aromatic warm spiced nose. Because it is not heavy with alcohol the Muscat interlaces beautifully with a classic styling of Sauvignon Blanc for a transcendent, unexpected finish.

Pairings: Roasted turkey with tarragon, cold ceviche, crisp apples and  pinenuts or sorbet.




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