The Sun

The Sun
The Sun

Wine Name: The Sun

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 13.75%

Blend: Chenin Blanc, Symphony, Marsanne

Description: As it is named this blend is beautifully golden with soft aromas of roasted nuts, warm honey and melon. A bountiful body with flavors of melon, white peaches and


Winemaker’s Notes: Rhone varietals reach great expression in Willcox and Marsanne is a testament to that. While other regions practice the early harvest of Marsanne to retain its acidity, at Dragoon we have learned that patience & hang time better serve this fruit. Symphony’s unmistakable

perfume elevates the nose.

Pairings: Lobster bisque, linguine with creamy pesto and soft aged cheeses like Brie or Italian Taleggio

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