A vivid photo of the Cellar 433 vineyards in Willcox

Arizona’s wine industry embodies ingenuity and innovation.

Vigneron John McLoughlin doesn’t just own a winery. In Willcox, Arizona the Dragoon Mountain Vineyard is meticulously attended to by John himself. The stark contrast between hot desert days and cool valley nights shape one of the world’s most unique growing regions in SE Arizona at 4300 feet.

With over three decades experience from dirt to bottle, John McLoughlin’s renegade wine-making style has originated a family of wines ranging from the approachable to the esoteric. All are evocative of Arizona’s unique terroir and oblige the wine drinking pleasure of novice and connoisseur, alike.

All grapes are sourced exclusively from our family’s vineyards in Willcox, AZ. “I wholeheartedly champion Arizona wines and believe there are many exquisite secrets yet to be revealed.”    -John McLoughlin

Dragoon Mountain Vineyard is committed to the practice of sustainable viticulture. Our vineyard philosophy is based on two core beliefs, minimal intrusion to the native environment and respecting the balance of the unique and delicate ecosystems that are located within.

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